Aims & Objectives


The College is an institution of Higher Education. Its primary charitable purpose is the pursuit of education, religion, learning and research, and its overall objective is to rank amongst the highest achieving academic institutions.
This education develops students academically and advances their leadership qualities and interpersonal skills, and so prepares them to play full and effective roles in society.

Objectives :

“Enabling the youth to understand and accept the demands of contemporary society” We make great efforts to get best results from limited resources to reach our vision by the following
dimensions: Academic enrichment: The main objective of the institution is to enable the students to understand and accept the challenges of life with confidence through academic achievements
and co curricular activities. We also provide them the opportunity to exhibit their talents. To obtain the objectives of the institution college library is enriched with Books, Journals, Educational CD’s and Newspapers & Laboratories are equipped with necessary equipment’s. Social Development: Education is incomplete without social orientation. Through various activities like NSS and sports Social skills are developed. The NSS students are visiting the adopted village and schools to impart knowledge about nutrition, health & hygiene, Disease and their prevention, importance of literacy etc. Through these activities helping nature is
developed. Personality Development: For all rounded development, specially the development of well adjusted and well integrated personality, students are given opportunities and exposures through various competitions so that they exhibit their artistic and creative inclination, develop communication skill and learn cooperating living. They are also sent to other colleges for participation in various cultural & sports Competition which helps in the development of confidence. The vision of the college is given in the college emblem. The Emblem is given on the first page of the college ”Information & Admission Brochure” and also displayed on the entrance so that each and every member of the college can be  reminded of the same.