Degree (Three Years Course)

B.B.A. (Business Administration)

Masters Degree (Two Years Course)

Urdu  English  Marathi  Hindi  Psycology
Political Science  History  Public Administration  Economics  Sociology

Note : All Courses are afiliated to SRTM University Nanded.

Under Graduate Ccourses :

Graduate study is an investment for your future. Choose and join the best to be a brightest student to pursue your passion and  develop your career.

Bachelor of Arts:

Duration = 3 Years full time completes in six Semester i.e I to VI.

As an arts Student, you will gain core Knowledge across many disciplines and specialize in one or two study area of your choice among, Languages, Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology and Public Administration. You will gain skills with high level of critical, creative and analytical thinking.This knowledge will help you to gain practical experiences, to build valuable career, setting you up for excellence in careers like.

  • Communication and marketing
  •  Community development
  • Human resources, corporate, conducting, business analysis and research
  • Public service in government and Private sectors.

Bachelor of Science :

Duration = 3 Years full time completes in six Semester i.e I to VI.

Bachelor of Science (BSC) is one of the most flexible and broad science degree. Discipline ranges from climate and weather physical science and life science as per choice allowing you to tailor you studies to suit your strength and carrier goals.

As Science students you will develop specified  knowledge in your major area of studies. along with aboard understating of scientific values. You will gain skills required by employers in different industries. You will again quality of problem solving, logical thing analysis creative thinking with research skills.

Bachelor of Commerce :

Duration = 3 Years full time completes in six Semester i.e I to VI.

The degree of BCom offers of flexible pathway. A successful professional carrier in any industry in the world.

As a BCom student, you will get comprehensive business training employment opportunities across the world in the sector like. Management consulting, corporate finance, banking trading, project management and all sectors of government